Intensivkurser på Yale

28 december 2009 Ont om tid? Är du mitt i karriären men i behov av en inspirerande kurs. Då kan någon av Yales intensivkurser vara vad du söker. Övertala chefen att du är värd en utbildning och sök till ett av världens bästa skogsinstitut.

Kurser som erbjuds:

Executives Learning About Forestry
When: March 21-26, 2010
Where: Yale University, New Haven, CT

Forestry and the Global Environment: Challenges of Managing and Conserving Forests in the 21st Century – an intensive short course designed to meet the needs of busy executives, whether for-profit, government service or NGOs, whose work requires an understanding of forest resources.

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Foresters Becoming Executives
When: April 11-16, 2010
Where: Yale University, New Haven, CT

An intensive short course for experienced forest professionals to bring their understanding of forest management to a higher level. Provides an overview of
forestry at the global scale, the latest thinking in national and global issues that affect, and management skills for those with limited or rusty management backgrounds. It will cover global perspectives, strategic planning insights, financial considerations and emerging issues. It emphasizes the many aspects of executive management not commonly taught at professional forestry schools.

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Forest Stand Dynamics
When: February 7-12, 2010
Where: Eatonville, Washington

An Intensive One-week Mid-career Course conducted at the graduate level, designed to present and synthesize the most up-to-date information available in the context of operational forest management, with field emphasis. A general
requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in forestry or a related discipline, or practical experience in natural resource management.
Taught by
Chadwick Dearing Oliver, M.F.S., Ph.D., Pinchot Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, and Director of Yale’s Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry and
Patrick Baker, M.F., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Monash Forest Dynamics Lab School of Biological Sciences, Monash University Australia.

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