What would the revenue be of a forest about 270ha in Norrbotten?

20 mars 2019

Caio Garcia
onsdag, 28 augusti, 2019 - 10:55



I would like to buy about 270ha of forest in Norrbotten. About 50% of the area is about 100 years and the rest is all above 20 years. What would be the revenue of a forest like that per year?

Thank you in advance.


Dear Mr. Garcia,

The question is too complex to be answered based on the information you provide. I would advise you to contact a forestry consultant, such as Areal, to help you look at the property purchase. Short answer, it depends on what the annual growth looks like, the need for forest actions and the timber/pulpwood prices in your area. But a many other factors come into play such as road access, your own ability to work on the property, taxes etcetera.

Best regards!

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