PTT: Removals and roundwood trade at a” ”high level”

22 oktober 2014 The rise in roundwood removals earlier this year calmed down by the beginning of summer and the outlook for this autumn will balance the year’s accrual, making them a little higher than last year. However, there are considerable differences between the development of different timber varieties and trading methods. Next year the good economic situation continues if the uncertainties regarding global economy do not change the favorable development of forest products’ demand. / PTT

The consumption of wood rises – fellings in delivery sales of private forests vivid
Especially the strong export market of wood products has cont inued to increase the use of wood. The use of imported wood will decrease this year and it will remain lower than in the previous years. In Finland fellings in delivery sales of private forests will increase from last year by almost a f ifth. The removals of companies and Metsähallitus will instead decrease by about four percent from last year. Next year the use of wood and removals will increase slightly, when the additions to the product ion capacity improve the demand for pulpwood and saw logs.

Spruce sales decreasing before the year-end
The demand and price for spruce logs will decrease by the end of the year as the markets in Asia and Europe are calming  down. Also in  the main European  compet itor  countries  the price of spruce logs has reached its absolute ceiling and inched a little lower in the past few months. The sales of pine logs have been better and the price will remain just a little hig her than last year’s average price. In private forests the fair increase of delivery sales compensates the slight de- crease of standing sales. The slightly increasing demand for pulpwood will increase next year’s trade volume. The gross stumpage earnings will rise moderately this and next year. Profitability will also improve and this year per hectare operat ing result is pushing the limit of 100 euros.

Use of forest chips is close to next year’s target
The use of forest chips for energy product ion cont inued growing in 2013. The increased use, however, was signif icantly lower than in recent years. The growth in ut ilizat ion will probably not meet the target growth rates this nor next year. Therefore the ut ilizat ion target of 10 million cubic meter set by the Finnish Nat ional Forest Programme 2015 will not be achieved.

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