Four new cross-sectoral networks will strengthen Nordic bioeconomy research

21 januari 2016 Last year, SNS (Nordic Forest Research) and NKJ (Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research) launched a joint call for cross-sectoral networking between researchers and stakeholders from the agricultural and forestry sectors. / SNS

The overall aim of the networks is to encourage a transition towards a bio-based economy in the Nordic region. “Cross-sectoral” is defined by the Oxford Dictionaries as “Relating to or affecting more than one group, area, or section”.

Cross-sectoral is also a current buzzword in research funding. The idea is to create synergies by blending competences and ideas from various research fields. The call listed topics where both sectors could cooperate to create
synergies. Some examples were: use of recycled material, application of fertilisers, reproduction of plants, refining bi-products from biomass, land-use issues such as food versus Biofibre research is one example where cross sectoral networking will strengthen both the forestry and agricultural sector.

Four out of 11 network proposals were successfully granted funding. The networks started up in 2015

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