Delegation from South East Asia visiting Sweden

14 oktober 2016 At the beginning of October 2016 a delegation from the pulp & paper industry in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia visited Sweden, invited by Swedish Pulp & Paper Technology Group, PPT. The purpose of the visit was to present Swedish technology for important decision makers and to give an opportunity for the Swedish suppliers of technology to develop their business in South East Asia. / PPT

Delegation from South East Asia visiting Sweden

”The members of Swedish Pulp & Paper Technology Group, PPT, supplying technology to the forest industry all around the world, have regular meetings with representatives from the forest-based industry in South East Asia. These meetings are important for developing a competitive and environmentally sound forest industry in the region at the same time as they bring business opportunities for Swedish suppliers of technology”, says Ulf Frölander, chairman of PPT.

The Delegation included 20 mill and production managers from the most important producers in the region. Business Sweden´s office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, invited and gathered the delegation. The program in Sweden, carried out in and around Karlstad, included technical presentations and individual business meetings between the visitors and member companies of PPT, as well as visits to Stora Enso Skoghall and to technology companies.

The industry in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are searching technical solutions for increased productivity as they aim at expanding pulp production based on planted fast-growing forests, as well as focusing on increased production of different paper grades. The world is aware that significant technological advancements are developed in Sweden and international producers attentively watch our new techniques for pulp and paper production.

For further information, please contact:
Ulf Frölander, Chairman of PPT,, phone +46 70-257 2900

Åke Ryhagen, Project Manager,, phone +46 70-883 8683

PPT, Swedish Pulp & Paper Technology Group, is an economic association, formed in 1989 by the Swedish Trade Council (now Business Sweden) along with member companies. Emphasising environmental concerns, energy conservation, productivity increases and quality control, they are all dedicated to promoting Swedish pulp and paper technology around the world,

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