Arcwise® launched for the beverage industry

2 maj 2016 Together with Vasa Brewery, SCA has designed and launched a unique “hockey rink” tray for 50 cl beverage bottles. Arcwise® is the SCA-developed corrugated packaging concept with rounded shapes. / SCA

Vasa Brewery is happy about the new opportunities that Arcwise® offers.

“A great thing about Arcwise® is that we can introduce a breakthrough packaging design and still use our existing erecting and filling machine, hence, no specific investment costs were needed. Furthermore, since the material can be manufactured on a conventional corrugated machine we see that sourcing is not an issue,” says Niclas Nilsson CEO of Vasa Brewery.

In addition to the tray, Arcwise® has developed a new round shaped wrap around packaging solution that also performs well in existing filling machines,

Arcwise® represents a revolutionary innovation in corrugated packaging. For the first time in history, Arcwise® technology allows for bending of corrugated board. The technology provides the unique opportunity to integrate graphic design with curved shaped packaging while having the rigidity of corrugated board. A new world of innovative design opportunities along with superior packaging performance and sustainability are enabled. Due to the strength gained from the curved shape, up to 30% material savings are possible.  

The new technology is protected by international patents. SCA offers the technique to packaging manufacturers under license.

For more information, go to

For additional information, please contact:

Rickard Hägglund, Business Manager, Arcwise®, tel. +46 (0)60-19 30 21

Magnus Viström, Innovation Manager, SCA Forest Products, tel. +46 (0)60-19 30 35

Björn Lyngfelt, VP Communications, SCA Forest Products, tel: +46 (0)60 19 34 98.

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