Welcome to the AFORE Workshop in Lisbon

4 december 2015


Startdatum: 17 april 2012 Tid: 10:00
Slutdatum: Tid:

Plats: skogensverige

Arrangör: Prof. Helena Pereira, UTL

Ansvarig: http://www.webropolsurveys.com/Answer/SurveyParticipation.aspx?SDID=Fin271907&SID=0d5bf8a5-d1b0-46a6-be1a-51219f2654fb&dy=662604279

AFORE is an EU-project coordinated by VTT, Finland. Its aim is to develop novel bio-based solutions for the separation, fractionation, and primary upgrading of green forest-based polymers and chemicals for current and novel value-added applications. At the Lisbon workshop in April, recent AFORE results will be presented with the special focus on eucalyptus as a raw material. The AFORE workshop will also be part of the AFORE Training school organized in Lisbon. / Afore

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