BoostEff Final Conference

11 april 2013


Startdatum: 21 maj 2013 Tid: 11:00
Slutdatum: 22 maj 2013 Tid: 12:30

Plats: Innventia, Drottning Kristinas väg 61, 114 86 Stockholm

Sista anmälningsdatum: 7 maj 2013

Ansvarig: Sofie Nordin

Welcome to the final conference of BoostEff, a European research project coordinated by Innventia, which is now being concluded. This three-year project demonstrates new possibilities to reduce the use of energy and raw material as well as the environmental footprint for the production of paper, board and fibreboard products. In addition, it brings forward a set of flexible process technologies that can be used for future product optimization as well as for developing new products. Results from the whole project will be presented at the final conference in Stockholm, 21-22 May, 2013. Make room in your calender for this very special occasion!

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