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SKOGEN Magazine reaches 83,000 foresters and forest owners in Sweden. Your channel to Sweden’s forestry sector.

SKOGEN is a professional and highly-regarded trade magazine published 11 times a year by the Swedish Forestry Society. Coverage includes the monitoring of international trends in the forestry sector, free-ranging debates, investigative articles, technology reviews, advice on silviculture, research results and a balanced selection of display and classified advertising. SKOGEN enables your message to be placed in a professional, clearly defined context.

SKOGEN is the magazine for which owners of large forest properties and professional foresters are willing to pay to read. In Sweden, the forestry sector enjoys a particularly high standing. Forest owners and forestry personnel have a high level of training.

SKOGEN reaches a wide audience. Most professional foresters read SKOGEN, whether they are employed by public authorities, private-sector corporations, forest-owner associations, research organizations or small companies. A total of 14,000 people subscribe to Skogen annually, but the number of readers is more than three times this total.

SKOGEN’s readers have inquiring minds. Independent research shows that they spend close to three times as long reading the magazine (102 minutes per issue!) as the average trade magazine. The advertisements in the magazine are also perceived as an important part of the magazine content. Some 95 percent of subscribers feel that the advertisements contain useful information. SKOGEN is also a magazine with
a long lifetime. Readers tend to save their copies of the magazine for future reference.

In Sweden, as elsewhere, forestry is more of a lifestyle than a job. This makes SKOGEN  as much a hobby magazine as a trade journal.

(With x Height) 4-colour

Full page and spread

2 Page Spread
Live area: 396x254mm,  Trim: 426×284 mm + Bleed: 3 mm (from trim on each side)     
Price: 41,900

Live area: 183x254mm,  Trim: 213×284 mm + Bleed: 3 mm (from trim on each side)     
Price: 25,000

Cover page, 2nd and 3rd
Live area: 183x254mm,  Trim: 213×284 mm + Bleed: 5 mm (from trim on each side) 
Price: 26,200

Cover page, 4th
Trim: 213×242 mm (the page contains space for address fields) + Bleed: 5 mm (from trim on each side) 
Price: 26,200

Half page
1/2-page Horizontal 183×124 mm, or
1/2-page Vertical 89×254 mm        
Price: 15,300

Quarter page
1/4-page Vertical 89×124 mm, or 
1/4-page Horizontal 183×60 mm         
Price: 8,500

Eigth Page
1/8-page Horizontal 89×60 mm      
Price: 4,300

Price: According to offer

All prices are in Swedish Kronor (SEK)
When you advertise in the SKOGEN, your ad is also included in SKOGEN’s digital edition for subscribers.

No VAT or advertising tax will be added

Material: Digital material – pdf-files, 300 dpi, CMYK

Controlled circulation 2016 15,300 copies
Latest Publication

THEME 2021
(Latest Booking date / Publication date)

1  Forest & climate   2.1 / 27.1
2  Timber business pulpwood (extra newspaper included; Forest Technology)   31.1 / 27.2
3  The Birch tree   28.2 / 27.3
4  Entrepreneurs   1.4 / 27.4
5  Supply of raw materials (extra newspaper included; Forest technology)   30.4 / 27.5
6-7  The forest food   1.6 / 29.6
8  Nature & Game conservation  31.7 / 27.8
9  Storms & Fires (extra newspaper included; Forest Technology)   31.8 / 28.9
10  The Timber business   1.10 / 27.10
11  Cutting area (extra newspaper included; Forest Technology)   2.11 / 27.11
12  Protected forest   30.11 / 28.12



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Once a week, reaches 16,000 readers

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Advertising bookings:  Johnny Nattsjö
Telephone:    +46-8-412 15 50 or +46-8-412 15 00

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